Pizza shop tired as hell selfie

I like this game.


Me and Jenn @funeralbeat got the most heartwarming and awesome postcard from our Philly friends, Michael @illustro_obscurum and Jeanne @everlastingfaint !! It’s from Blobfest at the theatre where they shot the original blob! They are the coolest goddamn people in the whole world!


The Spectre in the Woods by Johanna Öst


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The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness - A Studio Ghibli Documentary 

Click the “CC” balloon to watch it with English subtitles.

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Always shipping stickers.


This is a custom “madball” I designed, sculpted and painted for my partner who collects them. It’s (obviously) inspired by Little Shop of Horrors but also carnivorous plants in general since he also likes those.  I made it for his birthday this past November.  These projects are fun for me because I almost never work in actual 3D and it’s a very different experience. My sculpting skills are pretty rudimentary. This is the one I made the year before though, so I think I’ve gotten a bit better! It’s made out of Das paper clay and painted with acrylics with glow in the dark sculpey teeth. I named her Audrey Spew.

Look at this thing Jeanne made. It’s super cool!

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This is amazing.

A scene from the film “Belladonna of Sadness”.

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Steven Universe - Strong (in the real way).

From the episode “Coach Steven”. Was just leaked, bloody good song.

This show is so fucking good


Ringu (1998)

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